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The city of Naples in West Florida is one of the most beautiful in the state. Its location, close to the Gulf of Mexico, inspires people to travel to visit from miles around. Additionally, retirees will choose this community to spend the rest of their lives in. There are likely very fond of the game of golf. Naples is known for having some of the most luxurious homes, and also a vast number of golfing communities. If you want to reside at one of the best ones, you should consider Tiburon. This look at this community, and the golf course that it has available.

Why You Should Choose The Tiburon Golf Resort

Tiburon golf and country club is very well known in the Naples area. It is set on 800 acres. It has a multitude of condominiums, estates, and single-family homes. It even has very affordable villas. It is a community that is very diverse. There are five-star hotels very close by. If you are thinking about raising your family there, there are excellent schools and shopping centers. You are also very close to the hospitals and medical facilities. It is a beautiful location which integrates everything into this tropical landscape. It’s perfect for singles, married couples, or people that are retired. It is not one of the more expensive places to golf, and it has a couple of golf courses that you might want to play on once you move in.

Golf Courses At Tiburon

There are a couple of golf courses that are available to members. You can play on the Gold and Black course. The one that was originally built is the Gold Course, and it was started back in 1998. One of the best features is the ability to run the ball straight up onto the green from the fairway. There are 50 bunkers which make playing very difficult. It is such a diverse course, PGA Tour’s are played there, sometimes hosted by Greg Norman. The Black Course is a little bit different. There is a difficult par five when you complete the back nine. All of this is available to members, but there is so much more available at Tiburon.

Memberships Available At Tiburon

Membership fees are quite reasonable by comparison to other facilities that are comparable in what they have to offer. It is $60,000 for the full golf membership fee, and that allows you to play on these Greg Norman courses. There is a $25,000 social membership fee which allows you to engage with others that will be in the clubhouse. You need to pay annual dues in total about 15,000 a year for both, and this allows you to have access to virtually everything that Tiburon has to offer. A benefit of playing at these golf courses is that there are two of them, but the maximum members are only 350. That means that only 175 people at any given time during the week will be scheduling times to play. This makes it far more flexible than many of the other golf courses that are in Naples.

How Much Will It Cost To Purchase A Home There?

For those that are looking for something more affordable, condominiums are available at a very low cost. You can get in at a very nominal value of $400,000. However, they have more elaborate units for $1 million more. It will cost over $1 million to purchase one of the smaller homes. The most excellent homes cost around $9 million each. These are beautiful houses that were designed not too long ago, one of which may be exactly what you are searching for.

The Tiburon Clubhouse

This clubhouse is larger than many of those in Naples. It is 27,000 square feet. This is exceptional considering the small numbers of people that live there, and that have memberships there, giving everyone plenty of room to interact. They also have gourmet food and drinks. You can obtain these at Sydney’s restaurant and another place called Sydney’s pub. They also have member locker rooms, a tennis pro shop, and a pro shop for those that need items to play golf. If you enjoy Pilates, yoga, Zumba, or if you like to work out, some professionals are there to help you. It is a place that tries to provide the best amenities possible for their members in this highly exclusive golf community and resort.

If you have not looked at any of the homes at Tiburon in Naples, you may be shocked at how wonderful they are. The fact that you get to play on Greg Norman golf courses, this fact alone motivates people to get on the waiting list for memberships and also purchase a home there. In addition to the golf memberships, the social membership is fantastic. You will be in the midst of people just like yourself. Whether you are retired, or you are working with a family, you will be around people that enjoy this lifestyle and playing golf.